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The goal of NUNN-LUGAR is to lessen the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction, to deactivate and to destroy these weapons, and to help the scientists formerly engaged in production of such weapons start working for peace.

Overall, NUNN-LUGAR has been a great success, and may in fact have been one of the most important US Government's Programs ever. Indeed, among other things, NUNN-LUGAR is said to have helped to deactivate almost 6,000 nuclear warheads.

For a private citizen, the best way to support NUNN-LUGAR is to make sure that the money, authorized by the United States Congress for such an important task, is being spent efficiently. Unfortunately, Defense Enterprise Fund ("DEF"), a Program funded with NUNN-LUGAR money, fell victim to gross mismanagement, and the US government's investigation of DEF has been, at best, half-hearted.

The documents related to the continuing DEF investigation are found on this website. It is our belief that those who mismanage the funds that were supposed to be used to enhance the security of the world should be held accountable.

Other organizations funded with NUNN-LUGAR money have been vastly more successful than DEF, and we will be happy to post these success stories on this website. We are waiting to hear from the former and current employees of NUNN-LUGAR-funded organizations. If you have a picture of a nuclear missile being cut-up, here is the place to post it.

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